If you're a company with all the right assets: a strong, skilled workforce, clear vision and high job satisfaction, where do you turn when you are looking to build your brand's profitability? You know that your company has all of the right pieces in the right places, now you just need to get your sales up and running. How do you increase your win rate, deal size and the percentage of your reps attaining quota?

You want guidance from a team led by someone who has helped her clients achieve an average of 1007-percent Y.O.Y growth for the past five years. Your company is searching for a group with a leader who earned sales records at both Mary Kay and Searle and broke enrollment records at the University of Phoenix. Teams with strong, experienced leadership are well-poised to assist your company with their sales needs and will bolster both your employees' confidence and skill set.

Cynthia Barnes and her team at Barnes Sales Institute have a history of not only record-breaking sales but are also focused on both sales coaching and sales training in order to give your team the tools it needs to find success independently. Cynthia and her team's philosophy on business are founded on the Paul Carrick Brunson school of entrepreneurial thought: trust your gut and employ mentors throughout your organization in order to guide fellow employees through new or difficult processes.

By focusing on the people behind the numbers, Cynthia Barnes and her team are not just using data-driven analytics to help boost sales; they are also looking at the entire company to balance bringing in sales with building a solid foundation to help you continuously repeat your success. By retaining the services of Barnes Sales Institute, you are not just bolstering one part of your company; you are getting the expertise of her team to evaluate your company as a whole, determining long-term solutions to help your business grow in a sustainable manner.

The Barnes Sales Institute employs "sales enablement," which is the processes, practices, technologies and tools that will improve the performance and productivity of your company. By providing quality, professional and experienced sales enablement, our team will create a plan that increases your win-rate, deal size and percentage of reps attaining quota. Simply put, this tactic drives revenue by directly impacting your sales team's ability to close more deals.

Are you looking to maximize your company's sales potential and create systems for future success? The Barnes Sales Institute ensures that the accomplishments and sales experience of Cynthia Barnes and her team will help your company overcome current hurdles, set a new bar for expectations and then soar confidently to brand new heights.