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Free Guide: 5 Tips For Selling In A Man's World

As a woman in sales, there's often a divide between hitting minimums and truly succeeding. These five tips can keep you on your toes, helping you own your role in a man's world.

Cynthia Barnes and her team at Barnes Sales Institute have a history of not only record-breaking sales but are also focused on both sales coaching and sales training in order to give your team the tools it needs to find success independently. Cynthia and her team's philosophy on business are founded on the Paul Carrick Brunson school of entrepreneurial thought: trust your gut and employ mentors throughout your organization in order to guide fellow employees through new or difficult processes.

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Our purpose is to empower and enable corporate leaders, business executives and organizations worldwide to powerfully impact their future goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on giving women the ability to create long-lasting change within their organizations.